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The number of articles on how to create attraction is huge, but maybe just a few of this will give you the basic answer - what attracts women to men, or what are the Male Attractive Qualities.

Let’s be short and give you the answer, and then I will explain you the reasons. According to studies and researches, the following are those male qualities that are attractive to women.

Ambitions and Lifestyle - You have goals, dreams, interests, things you want to accomplish and achieve. You are doing interesting things in your life.

Social skills and Leadership - You like social interactions, meeting new people. You can easily connect with other people. If you are considered a leader it’s even better. This is one of the male most attractive qualities.

Intelligence - Intelligence in all forms is a attractive to women.

Emotional - Many men are emotionally weak, they can’t express their feelings. Being emotional is considered sexy and attractive by women.

Protector of Loved Ones

Sense of Humor

You are ready to walk away - You aren’t invested in anyone. If someone behaves unacceptably, you can just walk away. This shows the woman that you have many options in your life.

Pre-Selection - If other people, especially other women want you, than you are more attractive. This is an extremely attractive quality.



Wealth - It means that you are living a life of abundance, freedom. Being misery and saving every dime (and every good word) is the opposite.

Women, subconsciously, will be looking for the above qualities in you.

Your challenge as a man is to show that you have them.

How? I suggest choosing the long way and strengthening those attractive qualities in you. That’s what I recommend.

Short cuts can be done, but they won’t last for long.


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Why are these Male Qualities Attractive?

We can never be sure for real, why and how our psychology as human beings developed. Why are women attracted to certain male qualities?

The most common explanation, comes from a school in psychology called “Evolutional Psychology”. Until a few thousand years ago, humanity used to live in small tribes. Today we have laws, police, health care, etc. in ancient times, only the strongest survived.

A woman couldn’t survive alone, especially not a pregnant woman. She needed a man. She needed protection, for her and here children.

Women who chose “nice guys” as men just couldn’t survive in those days. Either because the man was weak, he didn’t have enough social power, or the tribal leader would just kill him and his family. Through thousands of years of evolution, only the woman who chose the attractive male qualities , survived.

In modern times, a woman can even survive alone. She can marry a “nice guy” and have a good life. She might be even some party girl who doesn’t want any children yet. Many women want and enjoy having sex, even casual, female psychology is still attracted to the same qualities as it was attracted 10,000 years ago.

How to Convey your Attractive Qualities

Today’s pick-up theories are focused on meeting new women, during the day or during the night.

But you also meet women in your social cycle - friends, co-workers, at school/college. If you have strong male qualities, the attraction will be natural. They will know you and easily “detect” your attractive qualities.

It’s more difficult when meeting new women, because you need to convey enough attraction within minutes, even seconds.

That’s why canned material was created, to allow you to quickly show your qualities. However, if you are just copying someone else’s line, especially if you are just trying to fake it, it will be hard to convey your male qualities.

I will not discuss openers and lines to say in theis article. There are thousands of them. What’s important is to understand why those lines work, and how to create your own “lines”, and in general how to adapt an attractive behaviour.

An important comment here is that you need to convey your attractive qualities indirectly. Don’t tell a woman that you a confident. SHOW her that you are.

Telling a woman, “Well, that’s it, I’m leaving” -  Indicates that you are ready to walk away anytime, you have other choices.

If you go to a date and tell the woman on which chair to sit, you are showing leadership and decisiveness.

When you tell her about your plans to climb the Everest (or what ever :) ), it indicates that you have ambitions.

So, how do you use this articles? First, know which behaviour is attractive and which is not. Second, learn and improve your male qualities. Become a leader, a social person, be decisive, don’t be needy (and be ready to leave anytime), have a social proof (get FEMALE friends), etc.

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